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Email: len@metal-monster.co.nz
Tel: 09 473 0705
Mbl: 021 1 660 660

Metal Monster is committed to the supply of lower priced, quality spare parts to all metal spray, joining and surface technology users. Based in New Zealand, with twenty five years international experience in the aerospace and state-of-the-art technology sectors. We understand the importance of quality, competitively priced products and their fast acquisition.

Metal Monster has global resources and expert technical knowledge. Our friendly assistance and service is second to none. In today's world quality, price, speed, knowledge and efficiency are not optional. Metal Monster can source and provide a multitude of resources to keep your business running competitvely.Lost or substandard production can be avoided and production optimised.





An F/A-18 Hornet passing through the sound barrier taken by Navy Ensign John Gay on July 7, 1999

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