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9, 9HP, 9V, 9VB / 125 Amp Air-Cooled
9F, 9FV, 9FVB / 125 Amp Air-Cooled
9P / 125 Amp Air-Cooled

12 / 500 Amp Water Cooled

17, 17V / 150 Amp Air-Cooled
17F, 17FV, 17FVB / 150 Amp Air-Cooled
17HP, 17HPV / 150 Amp Air-Cooled

18, 18-90°, 18HP, 18V / 350 Water-Cooled
18P / 500 Amp Water-Cooled

25 / 200 Amp Water-Cooled
20, 20F, 20HP, 20P / 250 Water-Cooled
20HD / 300 Amp Water-Cooled
20FHD / 350 Amp Water-Cooled

22A, 22B / 250 Amp Water-Cooled

24, 24HP, 24V / 80 Amp Air-Cooled
24FHD, 24FVHD / 100 Amp Air-Cooled
24W / 180 Amp Water-Cooled






26F, 26FV / 200 Amp Air-Cooled
26HP, 26HPV / 200 Amp Air-Cooled

27A, 27B / 500 Amp Water-Cooled

90HP (HW9) / 110 Amp Air-Cooled

A10HP / 100 Amp Air-Cooled
A10HPV / 100 Amp Air-Cooled

A16F, A16FV / 160 Amp Air-Cooled
A16HP, A16HPV / Amp 160 Air-Cooled

A20HP / 200 Amp Water-Cooled

A35HP/ 350 Amp Water-Cooled

Alumina & Lava Nozzles

Lava Nozzles & Collets

Collet Bodies
Gas Lens Collet Bodies
Gaskets, Insulators,

O-RingsBack Caps
Handles & Valves
Cables & Hoses



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