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Flame Spray


The Wire (or Rod) Flamespray (Combustion Wire Spray) process utilises a set of drive rolls powered by an air turbine, pneumatic or electric motor to draw a single metal/alloy wire through the Flamespray gun. At the gun nozzle, fuel gas of acetylene, propane, LPG or hydrogen is mixed with oxygen in specific volumetric proportions using a siphon plug and lit to create a flame, which is then shaped at the gun’s air cap by compressed air. The metal wire is fed concentrically into the flame, melted and atomized by the compressed air, and the molten droplets are propelled towards a prepared substrate where they quickly solidify and bond to the substrate to assimilate the coating.

Wire Flamespray is commonly used for Engineering and Anticorrosion coatings. Either hard (higher melt temperature) or soft (lower melt temperature) wires can be used. Rod Flamespray systems deposit economical ceramics from Al, Cr and Zn Oxide feedstock rods. Flamespray has been replaced by Arcspray due to greater bond strengths, ease of use, speed of deposition and running/maintenance costs. However certain in-situ applications (particularly Anticorrosion) favour Flamespray equipment because of its relative low weight and the fact that a power supply is not required.





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